As much as we love our craft of filmmaking, our highest commitment is to help you move your mission forward. Before starting production, the team will walk Melwood Group Officials through a strategic planning session to gain clarity on the audience, background information, expectations, way forward, goals and objectives of the event documentary. From there we will collaborate to uncover the most effective storyline to support those goals and the best distribution strategies to get the film seen.

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The pre-production will predominantly involve harnessing of resources, background knowledge, research work and aligning the material with efforts to potentially set into motion the very trail of thought and action requisite for the completion of the tasks as per the requirements of the project to its completion. Scripting, concepts creation, development of visual depictions of the story (storyboard sketching), reconnaissance visits to proposed sites and conduction of interviews with persons of interest are the major activities that will dominate this process. Acquisition of skilled manpower and equipment that are not already present will happen during this stage too.


Generally our documentary crew arrive on site with equipment and films for a few hours,capturing the featured person and the work to be highlighted. When appropriate and possible, we prefer to film during the golden light of early morning or evening to add lovely (and affordable!) natural light to the scene. However, Just like typical filming of cinematic films, we will have good lighting, makeup, storyboards and sound (including voice over).


The raw footage will be sent to our editing and music team, which will bring the story to life in order to accomplish the film’s goal and narrative arc. The team adds appropriate music to support the mood of the story, mixes sound and adds motion graphics and special FX elements. A couple of rounds of reviews enable the client to provide feedback and collaborate in the final cut of the short film.

Delivery and distribution:

Post and pray is not our ideology. If our films are going to have an impact they need to be seen with maximum impact. For this reason, we will put together a creative distribution strategy to help extend the reach, viewership and recognition of the documentary through an effective and efficient digital media strategy that includes proposer social media strategy and creative website content upload, monitoring and development.